Round of Applause

“Services My Way” gives more control to beneficiaries over their home and community-based services provided by Medicaid. Its enactment and implementation has been in the making for nearly a decade. After several hurdles and setbacks — and the strong advocacy from the DC Long Term Care Coalition — the program launched on March 28, 2016. Below is more information on “Services My Way.” […]

Community Leaders Call for Funding of a DC PACE Program

Community Leaders Call for Funding of a DC PACE Program to Provide Integrated Care to Low-Income Seniors. The Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) is a nationally recognized model of care well-known for its quality and high levels of satisfaction among both individuals enrolled in the program and their caregivers. Bringing PACE to[…]

American Society On Aging Conference

Seniors face many different challenges as they age; one challenge is accessibility to resources and programs that would greatly benefit them. The American Society on Aging’s Conference, which was held from March 20-24, 2016, aimed to address this accessibility issue. DC Long Term Care Coalition (LTC) director Judy Levy and volunteer/LTC advocate Jessica Shoemaker were[…]