Money Follows the Person

October 8, 2015

Today I had the pleasure of listening in on a conference call between Mrs. Levy and the Advisory Commission for Money Follows the Person (MFP). MFP is a program developed through Medicaid that strives to assist states in rebalancing their Medicaid funded long-term care systems. Helping transition patients out of long-term care facilities, and back into their homes is one of the commission’s primary goals. By allowing patients to choose where they receive their care, whether it is in-home, or in a facility, people feel as though they can take control of their own bodies and healing. Providing people with a public housing voucher, known as a transition-housing voucher, is how the commission helps move people out of the nursing homes. These are given to patients who are able to move out of a long-term care facility and live on their own with some supports.