Testimonies on the Department of Health Care Finance

On February 10, 2016, several members associated with IONA Senior Services attended the District of Columbia’s Department of Healthcare Finance Oversight Hearing. Among these members, Ms. Malika Moore, Mr. Randy Smith and Ms. Angela Miller testified on behalf of the Elderly Persons with Disabilities Waver program (EPD). This Waiver program is a crucial key to the[…]

Introducing Ms. Laura Newland

IONA Town Meeting                                                                                 Feb. 1, 2016


There was a town meeting at the St. Albans Episcopal Church to meet and have a Q&A session with the new acting executive director of the DC Office of Aging, Laura Newland. The meeting started off my allowing the attendees of the meeting to pick fresh produced from the farmers market in DuPont Circle. These items included apples, micro greens, golden beets, Brussels sprouts, Romaine Lettuce, turnips and a bag of mixed greens. The fruits and vegetables came from the nutrition department at IONA Senior Service. […]