LTC News Release: Workforce Subcommittee’s 2023 Legislative Priorities

The DC Long Term Care Coalition Workforce Subcommittee has developed its legislative priorities for 2023. We are asking the Council to take various action steps in the year ahead to increase the size of a trained, credentialed and competent Direct Care workforce. These steps include encouraging people to enter and stay in this occupation, providing[…]

Community Leaders Call for Funding of a DC PACE Program

Community Leaders Call for Funding of a DC PACE Program to Provide Integrated Care to Low-Income Seniors. The Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) is a nationally recognized model of care well-known for its quality and high levels of satisfaction among both individuals enrolled in the program and their caregivers. Bringing PACE to[…]

Testimonies on the Department of Health Care Finance

On February 10, 2016, several members associated with IONA Senior Services attended the District of Columbia’s Department of Healthcare Finance Oversight Hearing. Among these members, Ms. Malika Moore, Mr. Randy Smith and Ms. Angela Miller testified on behalf of the Elderly Persons with Disabilities Waver program (EPD). This Waiver program is a crucial key to the[…]