LTC News Release: FY25 Budget Talking Points

Mayor Bowser released her Proposed FY 25 Fair Shot Budget on April 3, 2024, kicking of the District’s budget season. The Mayor’s proposed budget fails to include needed funding to address many priorities of the DC Coalition on Long Term Care, most notably money to address the wage gap for Direct Care workers, reduce training[…]

LTC News Release: January 2024 Long Term Care Direct Care Workforce Survey

January 2024 Long Term Care Direct Care Workforce Survey –  For the fourth year, the DC Coalition on Long Term Care has surveyed long-term care providers regarding workforce issues.  This year’s survey reveals a deepening crisis due to a severe shortage of workers causing more seniors and people with disabilities to go without needed care.  The[…]

LTC News Release: Presentation on the HORA Amendments

Mayor Bower has proposed legislation that would amend the Health Occupations Regulations Act (HORA). There is little in these amendments to alleviate the current healthcare workforce crisis and some provisions could actually make it worse but imposing new restrictions and more regulation on direct care workers and home health agency administrators. A virtual hearing is[…]