Direct Care Worker Amendment Act

The Direct Care Worker Amendment Act of 2023 (B25-0565) was Introduced by Councilmember Christina Henderson, Chair of the Committee on Health on November 6, 2023. There are seven Co-Sponsors, Councilmembers Charles Allen, Brianne K. Nadeau, Matthew Frumin, Janeese Lewis George, Zachary Parker, Brooke Pinto, and Trayon White, Sr. The bill sets out to accomplish the following:

  1. Establish a new minimum wage that is not less than 120% of the District Living Wage for all direct care workers.
  2. Require DC Health to establish a new universal credential for direct care workers that combines home health aide and certified nursing assistant competencies.
  3. Lowers the age of certification for direct care workers to 16 (except that a certified direct care worker could not work in a home care setting until they turned 18).
  4. Allow qualified entities to evaluate direct care worker competency.
  5. Allow Maryland and Virginia home health aides and CNAs to work in DC
  6. Requires the Mayor to review and eliminate barriers to the development and support of on-the-job training programs and registered apprenticeship programs.

Read the text of the bill and the Statement of Introduction HERE.

View the Coalition’s presentation about the bill HERE.