LTC Meeting-Wednesday, November 14th, 2018

LTC Coalition Meeting

Date and Time: November 14th, 2018; 12-2pm

Location: Iona Senior Services, 4125 Albemarle St. NW, Meyer Conference Room, 2ndfloor

Special Guest

Aisha Williams, MBA, Emergency Preparedness Planner, Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment (M.O.S.T.) and Watch Officer Coordinator, D.C. Department of Health / Health Emergency, Preparedness & Response Administration.

Ms. Williams discussed the implementation of the MOST form which repeals the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Comfort Care Order/Do Not Resuscitate Program, providing more autonomy to the patient with respect to their end-of-life treatment options. The form contains 4 sections (CPR, Medical Interventions, Medically-assisted nutrition, and Antibiotics). The form can be transferred between different settings and DC licensed health care professionals and EMS shall honor a MOST form from another state, or jurisdiction, that adhere to DC laws and regulations.

A MOST registry will provide real-time data base for easily accessing a patient’s wishes for end-of-life treatment.

Send copies of the MOST form to: DC Health HEPRA – EMS Division; 899 North Capitol Street, NE, Suite 570, Washington, DC 20002

Fax: 202-671-0707; Email:

To access the MOST form click here and to view an introduction to the form please click here.

Updates on DHCF

PACE legislation is advancing to Council. There will be a hearing occurring on November 20th,2018.  Budget authority has been given to the program and legislative authority is pending.

The backlog of EPD waiver certifications was discussed.

Updates on ADRC

The Coalition will be provided with more information regarding DC Yellow Cab’s Senior MedExpress program.

As of now, individuals will know if they qualify for EPD waiver services before discharge. Presentation on December 1st, 2018 from DHCF regarding this matter.

One vacant position as Medicaid Enrollment Specialist is open.

Updates on BON

All comments (language recommendations) from DC Appleseed on the Nursing Assistive Personnel (NAP) Regulations were accepted. A quorum was not present so no votes were cast.

Sections with recommendations:      

  •     Criminal Background Checks
  •     Medication Aide Certification Renewal
  •     Periodic Review of Approved Programs
  •     Minimum Qualifications for Medication Aide Trainees

Trained Medication Employees Regulations: BON proposed that TME’s should not be allowed to administer schedule 2 drugs.

The next meeting will be on December 12th, 2018!