2016 Annual Report

We are pleased to present the DC Long Term Care Coalition’s Annual Report for 2016. The Report describes the Coalition’s advocacy work, our progress and setbacks, and our goals for 2017.

This year, the Coalition had a wonderful victory: In March, the District launched its consumer directed program, Services My Way. The development and launch of this program has been a priority of the Coalition for more than 14 years, as we worked hard to prove that the community needed this necessary service. We are proud to highlight the 100th resident enrolled as of November in this report.

Moving forward, the Coalition looks to:

  • Expand access to long-term care services in home- and community-based settings;
  • Improve the delivery of home care services including the quality of the home health
    workforce; and
  • Access appropriate nursing home utilization.

Additionally, this year the Coalition has also continued to work with the Board of Nursing to implement the revised regulations for the Nursing Assistive Personnel and to improve and build upon programs that are already functioning. This work is necessary in order to assure quality services to the residents of the District, and to provide a model program for other states to follow. We have strengthened our collaboration with the Department of Health Care Finance as we continue to monitor access to home and community based programs. We will continue to advocate for expansion of these programs in the years to come.

We are grateful to our dedicated members, who relentlessly give their time, energy, and insights to our advocacy efforts, and to all of the individuals and organizations that support our cause. It is with your generosity and commitment to long-term care, that we are able to advocate and make changes within the District of Columbia.

Download the full 2016 Annual Report here.